Labradorite Piece - Top Polished

Labradorite Piece - Top Polished

One of my personal favourite crystals, labradorite is quite spectacular with its flashes of iridescent,  lustrous rainbow-like play of color - caused by differential refraction of light that change as the angle of view changes. This crystal is known as the stone of transformation, assisting through periods of change, and for strength, perseverance and protection. 

These pieces have been polished on one side highlighting their beautiful, natural labradoresence ♡♡♡

The pieces vary in size, shape and tone/colour of flash but as a rough guide measure approx 45mm at their longest point♡♡♡ 

Price is for a single piece supplied in a drawstring canvas bag ♡

Please note: these are natural crystals - rough on one side and polished on the other. Pictures are examples of the types of shapes/tones/flash colours. The piece you receive will be unique but fab!
    VAT Included