Crystal Hugs

Crystal Hugs

A wonderful way of letting someone special know you are thinking of them - my Crystal Hugs include three healing crystals, especially selected for their properties, and come in a gift bag with an information tag which I have left blank on the back for you to write your personalised message.


These are available in the following Hugs (select at checkout):


Protection & Wellbeing - Quartz - the master healer, Labradorite - the bringer of light and Tourmaline to protect and draw off negative energy


Relation & Peace - Sodalite the stone of peace, Amethyst to calm the mind and Jasper - the supreme nurturer, bringing tanquility and wholeness


Joy & Happiness - Citrine - Carrying the power of the sun, Amethyst to soothe and calm the mind and Quartz to promote happiness, bringing positive light.


Supplied in a velvet gift bag with info tag ♡♡♡


Love & Friendship - unconditional love & infinte peace, Lapis to bound relationships and aid expression, and Carnelian to ground & anchor to the present reality.dw

    VAT Included