Crystal Daisy Bookmarks

Crystal Daisy Bookmarks

My Crystal Daisy Bookmarks - the symbolism of the daisy and the healing properties of a crystal! 

Daisies are believed to symbolise innocence and purity and with its link to Celtic legend and the Norse Goddess Freya (the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility) has also come to represent childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings.

I've selected three crystals for these - each with a special property (select at checkout):

Rose Quartz for unconditional love and inner peace

Amethyst  to soothe and calm 

Amazonite for emotional balance

The Daisy Flower measures approx 4cm across.

Supplied gift wrapped ♡♡♡

Please note: These bookmarks are designed to hook over the spine of the book with the flower dangling down the outside and the hook nestled in the pages, close to the inside of the spine. This style of bookmark is not recommended for use with precious  or fragile books.