Bare Copper Dragonfly Pendant with Quartzite

Bare Copper Dragonfly Pendant with Quartzite

Dragonflies are believed to enter our lives to remind us to let light and joy in, they also symbolise wisdom and transformation. They have long been a favourite make of mine and have featured in jewellery designs in the Art Nouveau, Victorian and Edwardian periods.

I have used wonderful bare copper to create my design which some have found eases aches and pains, and stimulates and revitalises. The design features a single gentle quartzite crystal to calm and cheer as needed, wrapped with a rope twist and nestling in a Celtic feel crisscross section in the middle of the wings. The copper has been oxidized to create an antique look ♡♡♡

These are supplied on a generous length of black faux cord which can be tied at the back. My dragonflies are hand crafted so there are slight variations in sizes but as a guide they are 5cm long and have a wingspan of just over 5cm.

Offered gift wrapped ♡

Please note: bare copper will darkness as it reacts to the air and moisture/ oils in the skin. This can result in a dark area on the skin. Although this is more common with tight fitting jewellery such as rings and is unlikely with a pendant, should this be experienced the skin can be cleaned with soap and water. If you wish to restore the brightness to your copper, clean it with lemon juice mixed with salt and gently rub with a soft cloth. ♡

    VAT Included