Top Polished Fluorite  Pebble

Top Polished Fluorite Pebble

Rainbow fluorite is truly stunning, capturing the light and drawing you into the crystal. 

This crystal is believed to encourage positivity, absorb negative energy and reduce stress. It is also an aid to decisions making, bringing order from chaos so helping to focus and bring clarity ♡♡♡

These fluorite pebbles are polished on the top and left natural underneath so they sit like little bubbles of coloured light. They're wonderful to handle too so would make great meditation stones. They measure approx 2 - 3 inches.

Please note: these are natural crystals so their colours and shapes will vary (as you can see from the images) so each is unique and special. Yours may be dark or light, mostly green, mostly purple or a mixture - but it will be beautiful ♡

Supplied gift wrapped ♡