Set of Crystal Obelisk Points (Set of 7)

Set of Crystal Obelisk Points (Set of 7)

Apart from making a lovely display, obelisk points are believed to direct energy flow upwards towards the sky, making a connection between the physical and the spiritual worlds. 

This set of 7 includes:

Rose Quartz - the love stone
Iolite - the vision stone
Sunstone - to instill joie de vivre
Rainbow Moonstone - the stone of New beginnings
Bloodstone - the energy cleanser 
Black Sardonyx - the stone of strength & protection
Amazonite - to soothe and align the chakras

Each measures approx 55mm tall. 

Supplied gift wrapped ♡♡♡

Please note: price is for a set of sevens listed above. There may be slight variations colours/tones from the picture as with all natural stones.