Selenite Mountains

Selenite Mountains

Selenite crystal is simply beautiful and has an ethereal quality which is quite unique. This gentle, soft crystal is believed to bring calmness and clarity of mind, instilling deep peace - making it a great choice for meditation. It may be used to form a protective grid, a safe quiet space and a larger piece placed in the home is said to create a peaceful atmosphere. This crystal is believed not to hold negative energy and may be used to cleanse and charge other crystals ♡

These pieces have been gently shaped into towers or mountains, highlighting the structure of this beautiful crystal with shelves and steps which catch the light and create an ice-like quality. Mountains are a great energy tool to promote the free-flowing of positive energy in a space. 

Each mountain or tower is unique and measures approx 8-10cm tall. 

Supplied gift wrapped ♡♡♡

Please note: Selenite should not be placed in water as this will fracture the crystal. Should you wish to clean your piece, dust etc may be removed by blowing or with a soft damp cloth. Each tower is unique so there will be variations in terms of shape and height. Price is for a single mountain only.