Selenite Moon with Empowerment Crystals

Selenite Moon with Empowerment Crystals

This beautiful combination of selenite and empowerment crystals is so serene.

Selenite is a gentle soft crystal bringing calmness of mind and instilling deep inner peace. This ethereal crystal has been carved into a crescent moon which serves to remind us of time passing and the phases we go through in life. The moon is closely linked to feminine energy, intuition and represents female empowerment.

Three empowerment crystals are included with the moon - each with wonderful properties:

Amethyst: bringing a sense of calm, transforming negative energy into love, melting away stress and negative thoughts ♡

Citrine: bringing the energy of the sun to boost vitality and help to attract and manifest the life we desire, bringing joy, happiness and inner confidence ♡

Moonstone: the stone of New Beginnings, balancing the emotions, stabilizing and calming. Helping in the rediscovery of the innerself, promoting inner strength and personal growth ♡

Set includes one 7-8cm Selenite Crescent Moon charging plate and three tumblestone crystals (amethyst, citrine & moonstone).

Provided gift wrapped ♡

Please note: selenite is a soft, gentle crystal and must not be submerged in water as this may cause it to fracture. Use a soft, damp cloth may should you wish to remove dust from the surface.