Selenite Ingot with Argone Pendulum Set

Selenite Ingot with Argone Pendulum Set

Selenite crystal is simply beautiful and has an ethereal quality which is quite unique. This gentle, soft crystal is believed to bring calmness and clarity of mind, instilling deep peace - making it a great choice for meditation. It may be used to form a protective grid, a safe quiet space and a larger piece placed in the home is said to create a peaceful atmosphere. 

Selenite gets its name from the Greek word 'selene' meaning moon and just like the moon, this crystal is believed to cleanse and charge your crystals. These pieces have been cut into 15cm x 4cm  ingots making them perfect cleansing and charging plates for your crystals, pendulums et. 

This set includes an Aquamarine Tumblestone Crystal, a rosebud for happiness, a selenite ingot and an Orgone Aquamarine Pendulum.  Ogone is a mix of crystal, resin and metal and is believed to  make a powerful tool for transmitting chi energy ♡♡♡

Pendulums are believed to work by amplifying the subtle movements of the user to create a swing - this is the physical response of the crystal to the subtle energy changes in the body. The type of swing a pendulum makes in response to a yes/no question is individual and you'll need to spend a little time working with your pendulum to learn how to decipher responses. There's plenty of info online to help you get started.

Supplied gift wrapped ♡