Sage Smudge Sacred Bundle

Sage Smudge Sacred Bundle

Smudging refers to the practice of burning herbal material in order to purify or bless people & places. Sage Smudge is associated with Native American ceremonies but us used in other cultures too.  It  is a great way to prepare a space ready for meditation, spiritual work and to cleanse your crystals,  and clear a space of negative energy ♡ 

My sacred bundles are available in the following options (select at check out):

White Sage Smudge - to cleanse & purify
White Sage with Rose - to purify and for love & happiness
White Sage with Peppermint - to purify & renew
White Sage with Eucalyptus - purify & protect 

Please note: Price is for sage bundle only and does not include the shell in the image (these are available separately). All sacred sage bundles are a minimum of 10cm. 

Instructions: Simply light one end of the sage bundle, once it is lit gently blow out the flame and let the sage smoulder. Using a fireproof dish (or traditionally, a shell) to catch any ash, move around the space you wish to cleanse. You may wish to use a feather to waft the smoke. I open windows to let negative energy leave.  Once you have finished, extinguish your sage bundle by gently stubbing it into the dish or shell and ensure fully extinguished after use. Remember not to leave smouldering sage unattended.
    VAT Included