Fluorite Hand Jewellery

Fluorite Hand Jewellery

Fluorite is believed to be a highly protective stone, bringing order from chaos and helping you to focus when you're thoughts are scattered. It's thought to be a great learning aid, helping you to process and organise information while stabilising the emotions ♡♡♡

This beautiful crystal has a wonderful magical feel and comes in a variety of colours ranging from clear, to blue and purple. For this design I have wrapped the crystals using 925 filled silver and attached the recycled sterling silver swirl ring to the main motif with some lengths on handmade chain. The bracelet is held in place with a black waxed cotton slider bracelet.

Offered gift wrapped ♡♡♡

Please note - colour and tone of the crystals may vary. Beads measure 12mm, 8mm and 6mm ♡

    VAT Included