Elven Keshi Pearl Pendant in antiqued bare copper

Elven Keshi Pearl Pendant in antiqued bare copper

A beautiful Keshi Pearl. Pearls are believed to promote positive thinking and symbolise faith, charity and innocence. Pearls are also known as a Stone of Sincerity ♡♡♡

The square copper wire I've used to create this piece has been oxidized to create an antique look and sealed with renaissance wax ♡♡♡

Supplied on a generous length of black faux cord which can be tied at the back. The crystal measures approx 15mm (total pendant drop is approx 40mm including the bail) ♡

Offered gift wrapped ♡

Please note: this piece has been sealed with renaissance wax however over time and with wear, bare copper may darken as it reacts to the air and moisture/ oils in the skin. This can result in a dark area on the skin. Although this is more common with tight fitting jewellery such as rings and is unlikely with a pendant, should this be experienced the skin can be cleaned with soap and water. If you wish to restore the brightness to your copper, clean it with lemon juice mixed with salt and gently rub with a soft cloth. ♡

    VAT Included