Edwardian Style Amethyst Bangle

Edwardian Style Amethyst Bangle

The central focal point of this bangle is inspired by the Edwardian era and I have created wirework loops to surround the crystal. For the main bangle I have hand twisted 1.2mm wire to form a ropework design that fastens simply with a gentle hook that pops through the side loop of the centre section. All wirework in this piece is 925 filled silver ♡

This one includes a 6mm amethyst crystal. A spiritual stone, believed to soothe and calm the mind. It is linked to the Crown chakra and is also the birth stone for February.

This bangle is designed to sit at the base of the wrist and it's circumference is 8" or 20cm. 

I am happy to make these larger or smaller, and with different crystals so feel free to get in touch if you have a custom request. 

Please note: price is for a single bangle only.