Crystal Spheres

Crystal Spheres

Crystal spheres are extra special- believed to radiate energy in all directions equally and they represent wholeness and completion so are wonderful as crystal grid focal stones or for meditation and manifestation crystals.

I have three crystal options available (Select crystal option at checkout):

Amethyst - Crown chakra, spirituality, imagination, creativity. Soothing and calming.

Rose quartz - Heart chakra, love, romance, friendship, openness and inner peace. 

Selenite - Crown Chakra, purity, cleansing, harmonizing.

These spheres vary slightly in size but are approx 4 - 5cm in diameter. 

Please note: Price is for a single sphere only. Prices vary depending on crystal option. Remember selenite is a soft, delicate (but beautiful) crystal but should never be submerged in water as this may cause it to fracture.