Crystal Power Bracelets

Crystal Power Bracelets

Such a simple way to wear your crystals and feel them close to the skin - these beaded bracelets are on elastic so simply roll them onto the wristband and away you go!

Available in a range of crystals, each with a little message tag (select at checkout):

Moss Agate - awaken talents
Amethyst - calmness &  charity
'Jade' - attract love
Black Agate - strength & protection
Tiger's Eye - Overcoming fears
White Jasper - peace & friendship
Blood garnet - bringing passion
Green Jasper - healing & nurturing
Sodalite  - truth & clear thinking
Honey Crystal  - attract wealth
Rose Quartz  - love & reconciliation
Opalite  - wisdom & understanding

Rose Quartz - out of stock but on the way!

These are supplied gift wrapped ♡♡♡