Chakra Crystal Wine Glass Charms

Chakra Crystal Wine Glass Charms

These cute little wine glass charms should ensure you always know which drink is yours! Each set of seven charms has a different crystal decoration, one to represent each of the body's Chakra energy fields. Simply pick your charm and then pop it over the stem of your wine glass ♡♡♡

These are made from 925 filled silver wire and each has an 8mm and a 6mm crystal bead decoration.

Typical charms include:

Amethyst - crown
Sodalite - brow
Turquoise - throat
Green Aventurine - heart
Citrine - Solar Plexus
Carnelian or Red Agate - sacral
Tiger'sEye - base or root

Supplied in a gift box of seven charms.

Please note: price is for a boxed set of 7 different charms. Charms should be clean and dry before putting them back in the box to prevent wire discolouration.