Chakra Crystal Mini Tumbles Bracelet

Chakra Crystal Mini Tumbles Bracelet

Chakras represent the body's 7 energy centres and it is believed these need to be in balance to experience spirirual and physical wellbeing♡

These little 7.5" crystal tumble elasticated bracelets have 7 different Crystal sections representing the chakras:

Quartz to represent all 7 chakras

Crown - Amethyst

Third Eye - Sodalite

Throat- Blue Lace Agate

Heart- Green Aventurine

Solar Plexus- Citrine

Sacral - Carnelian

Root- Garnet

Supplied gift wrapped ♡♡♡

Please note: price for a single stretchy bracelet only. Shape and tone of the crystal chips used to create these bracelets will vary ♡

    VAT Included