Chakra Braceket

Chakra Braceket

Chakras are the body's energy fields and each is associated with a colour and range of crystals. It is believed that if the chakras are out of balance or blocked then spiritual or emotional discomfort with occur. 

These simple friendship style bracelets have a slider knot fastener to secure them in place and they are made with a polyester cord. The central charm and beads are all 925 sterling silver ♡

The following options are available (select at checkout).

Crown (purple)
Third Eye (navy)
Throat (turquoise) out of stock
Heart (green) 
Solar Plexus (yellow)
Sacral (orange)
Base or Root (red)

Each bracelet is supplied in a presentation box and gift bag ♡♡♡

Please note: these bracelets are supplied by Hootie Toot Jewellery but not made by me (but they're sooo pretty I had to share them with you ♡). Price is for a single bracelet only.
    VAT Included