Angel Aura Spiral Pendant

Angel Aura Spiral Pendant

A beautiful Angel Aura Quartz Pendant which I have spiralled in 1.5mm ecosilver wire drawn from 100% recycled sterling silver. Supplied on an 18" sterling silver box chain ♡

Angel Aura is believed to bring hope and optimism and it also balances the chakras. It is known to increase meditative awareness, connecting the light body with the physical, while radiating a protective shield around the aura ♡

These crystals have been beautifully carved into double terminated points and measure approx 35mm (40mm including bail).

Please note: price is for a single pendant and chain only. Sterling Silver may require polishing from time to time as it may darken as is reacts with the air and moisture. Use a soft silver polishing cloth. 

Supplied gift wrapped ♡