Amethyst Spiral Pendant

Amethyst Spiral Pendant

I love the soft  gentle lavender tones of these faceleted amethyst crystal drops. Amethyst is known as the stone of Spirituality and is associated with the Crown Chakra. This crystal is thought to soothe and calm the mind, and is also believed to be of benefit to those for whom insomnia is the result of an over active mind. Amethyst is the birthstone for February ♡♡♡

These crystals measure approx 25mm and I've spiral wrapped each in 1.2mm Eco-silver (wire drawn from 100% recycled sterling silver).

Choice of pale or mid-toned amethyst at check out ♡♡♡

Supplied on an 18" sterling silver chain and gift wrapped♡

Please note: price is for a single pendant only. Sterling Silver may require polishing from time to time as it darkens naturally when reacting to moisture etc. Use a soft polishing cloth to clean your piece. Avoid submerging your pendant in silver cleaning liquids as this will damage the crystal ♡
    VAT Included