Amethyst Druze Crescent Moon

Amethyst Druze Crescent Moon

These super sparkly Amethyst Druzy Crescent Moons are so pretty! 

Druzy crystals are clusters of tiny, glittery crystals which have formed on a single mineral or crystal base. These little moons are covered with tiny amethyst crystals - a crystal known as the stone of spirituality and believed to promote relaxation and ease stress, as well as aid sleep.

Moon shapes are deeply symbolic and serve to remind us of the passing of time and the phases in life. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, so our lives go through changes. This celestial symbol is closely linked to feminine energy, intuition and kindness,  and represents female empowerment and regeneration.

These little moons measure approx 3.5 - 4cm and are supplied gift wrapped.

Please note: price is for a single crescent moon only.